Our Work

Breaking through the barriers of stale, subpar design, KCM will deliver a polished, creative spin on your brand. From website creation to various visual needs, check out a selection of our quality work and firsthand testimonials.

Our Digital Strategy

Utilizing various organic and paid methods, our solution will maximize social reach, leverage cross-promotion opportunities and unlock the power of virality to drive revenue and a rich customer base.

Key Initiatives
  • Maximize all social media channels using the latest techniques to increase reach & retention
    • Develop Snapchat account and utilize geo-filter capabilities
    • Increase positive Yelp reviews
    • Collaborate with social influencers and various food bloggers
    • Create, share and amplify positive press
    • Encourage and promote user-generated content
  • Create and optimize paid social campaigns (geo-, affinity-targeted, etc.) to boost overall reach and views on creative assets
  • Design and develop weekly newsletter, rewards program and maintain marketing database
  • Produce high-quality custom videos (in-house and back of the house) for distribution amongst social media channels
  • Track and analyze new and repeat conversions

Our Case Study

KCM Create case study - Bracket Room

Bracket Room is an expanding upscale sports lounge and eatery in the heart of Arlington, Virginia; fusing a stylish environment with innovative small plates and cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge:

Expanding to two DC airports and Chicago, Bracket Room desired to grow awareness and excitement for their new locations via social media.

  • Social integration of current social following to new locations
  • Brand awareness and consistency across properties
  • Social conversion from digital to foot traffic
  • Maximizing current customer base to impact new locations
  • Increase weekly and weekday sales
  • Targeting DC and Chicago
The Delivery:

After six months of implementation:

  • Social influencers and professional athletes have checked in to Bracket Room (Bryce Harper, Jeff Green, Ty Lawson); reach of over 1M fans
  • Promotional marketing video went viral, producing over 50K views
  • All social media platforms have seen an increase in overall likes and fans; Snapchat has increased to 4K views or "opens" per snap
  • Loyalty program has seen a noticeable conversion rate increase from home location to new properties
  • Increased press to the Chicago location included local news and notable food bloggers for upcoming open
  • Yelp and Facebook reviews increased gradually
Bracket Room has seen an increased revenue of 15% through delivery.
KCM Create case study - Bracket Room


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